Hire a marquee from Out Is In : FAQs

Your questions answered about hiring a marquee for your event

Out Is In hire Capri marquees and other marquee related event equipment in Surrey, East Sussex, West Sussex, Kent, Hampshire. We also deliver to London. If the answer you require isn't on this page, please call us 01403 470099 and we will be happy to help.

Are your Capri marquees weatherproof?

A: Yes they are waterproof. They come with easy to use waterproof covers for the arches in case of rain or wind.

Can I decorate the marquee myself?

A: You are more than welcome to decorate the marquees. They work well with any theme from classic for weddings and corporate events to relaxed bohemian for parties and BBQs. All we ask is that you use string rather than tape and staples.

Can we arrange a time for you look at our venue?

A: Yes. We usually come to assess the venue as part of our planning and quotation process. Even if we have set up marquees at the venue before, we still like to arrange a visit to understand exactly what you want to happen on the day.

How much space do we require?

A: The Marquees come in a variety of sizes. They are flexible and can incorporate most garden layouts. Entrances should have a 1m clearance to allow for safe, easy access and exit. If in doubt please contact us.

How do we get electricity in the marquee?

A: There are a few options to get power, we can provide a suitably sized generator or run power from a house or garage, generally we require 2 household sockets.

Can you suggest a venue?

A: Yes we work closely with a selection of venues and would be pleased to recommend them where appropriate.

How much will it cost to hire a marquee?

A: It will depend on the number of people attending your event. For a guide to prices, select the options under 'Pricing and plans' in the menu at the top of the page. If you'd like a quote and check availability for specific dates, please do not hesitate to contact us.

What is required to reserve the marquee?

A: We ask for a deposit of £100+VAT per marquee, once this is paid we will reserve the marquee/s and equipment for the date of the event.

Can I make changes to my booking?

A: Yes, we look to finalise all changes at the point of final balance (21 days prior to the event). We would advise that bulk items such as chair style and tables are booked in before this to avoid disappointment.

How long can I have the marquee for?

A: The prices shown on the website and quote stand for 24 hours hire, this said we usually setup Wednesday-Saturday and take down Sun-Tuesday. This is reserved on booking.

Are there restrictions on where I can place a marquee?

A: We have placed our marquees in some very interesting and unique locations. As a rule the ground needs to be reasonably flat and the area clear of obstructions below and above. The Capri marquees are much easier and faster to erect and can be used in smaller places often off limits to conventional marquees.

Can you connect the marquee to a building?

A: In some cases we can, but this needs to be outlined at the time of making the booking and a site visit will need to be conducted.

Will I need heating?

A: Heating is something we usually leave clients to decide upon. Just let us know at least a week before the event when the weather forecast is more reliable. We stock plenty of heaters so there is always flexibility for the last minute addition. We can let you know how many you will need for the size of your marquee.

Will I need to hire extras?

A: It depends on your event and your proximity to services. You may need a generator, lighting and heating. We hire all the extras you will need for your event such as tables, chairs, loos. For mor information contact us or see Event equipment hire

Does the hire charge include insurance?

A: Yes it does. We can give you full information at time of booking.

I have my own wedding insurance, can we remove your charge?

A: Unfortunately the insurance is not something that we can waiver, this covers all of our equipment in all conditions as well as the client.

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