Decorating the Out is In marquee for your event

Marquee lighting & decoration

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For more information and ordering equipment for your event please call or email us. Out Is In marquee hire service covers East Sussex, West Sussex, Kent, Surrey, Hampshire and Essex. We can also cover corporate events in London.

Our marquees look very stylish with or without decoration. Because they are crisp and white with simple, elegant curves and peaks, they work beautifully with any colour scheme or theme. From Moroccan to sci-fi, you can dress the marquees to suit your theme - we only ask our customers to attach decoration to the tent with string rather than staples or tape.


Pea lights for Capri marqueePea lights

Our pea lights are a very popular choice. They work for just about any occasion and create a truly magical ambiance as daylight fades. The lights cover the archways of the marquee.

Ivy trim for capri marqueeIvy trim

Another popular choice is our ivy trim. It's not fresh ivy but looks very natural when used on its own or intertwined with the pea lights to frame the archways of the marquee.