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Hiring flooring for our marquees

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For more information and ordering equipment for your event please call or email us. Out Is In marquee hire service covers East Sussex, West Sussex, Kent, Surrey, Hampshire and Essex. We can also cover corporate events in London.

Dandy Dura flooring for marquees and events.

Dandy Dura Floor Matting

Dandy Dura matting is a tight weave, modern flooring used inside our marquees. It's ideal at wedding receptions and parties and also give a relaxed ambiance in a less formal marquee. High heels are not a problem!

Sizes in metres
20 x 20 Dandy Dura
20 x 30 Dandy Dura
28 x 28 Dandy Dura
28 x 38 Dandy Dura

Carpet colours for your event.Carpets

Carpets are a great when you want to co-ordinate colours for your event or you want a more formal look. The type of carpeting will depend on your event and the venue. Please contact us for options.

Hire chequered dance floor Dance floor: black and white

Size: 15ft Square
Heavy duty, slip and trip resistant.

Hire wooden dancefloor for marqueeDance floor: wooden

Size:15ft Square
Heavy duty, slip and trip resistant.